1) Rosters must be submitted electronically by Thursday preceding the first games. Roster limit is 35 players. Please send to 18U players are eligible if they are either: 18 years old or younger as of May 1, 2022 OR a graduate of the high school class of 2022.. Any player who has signed a contract with any professional baseball organization is ineligible. Any team found to be in willful violation of these eligibility rules shall be subject to disqualification from the tournament. IMPORTANT: ALL PLAYERS MUST HAVE PHOTO ID WITH THEM (OR IN MANAGER’S POSSESSION) AT ALL TIMES. IF A PLAYER’S ELIGIBILITY IS CHALLENGED AT A GAME AND NO ID IS PRODUCED, THAT PLAYER IS INELIGIBLE FOR THAT GAME AND WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY IN FURTHER GAMES UNTIL ID IS SHOWN. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS MADE TO THIS RULE!!!

2) A team must have 9 players to start a game and must have 9 throughout the game. Game time is forfeit time. However, if a team is late arriving due to participation in an earlier game, forfeit time is waived. Please notify director if you expect to be late to game site. All batters shall use either wood or composite bats.

3) Home team is listed LAST on the schedule and shall occupy 3rd base dugout. However, a team that remains at same location for consecutive games has the option of remaining in the same dugout for its second game. Please use common sense and courtesy on this issue. Per request by each field NO INFIELD PRACTICE is allowed at any time.  Thank you for your consideration.

4) TIME LIMITS: Pool Play games are 7 innings, and no new inning after 2hrs (from conclusion of manager/umpire conference).  Bracket Play games are 7 innings, and no new inning after 2hrs 10 min. (from conclusion of manager/umpire conference).

8-run “mercy rule” shall be in effect after 4 ½ or 5 innings of play.

In pool play, a game tied after 7 innings OR after 2 hours (whichever comes first) will be broken by an “international tie breaker” inning. If game is still tied at conclusion of one complete tie-breaker inning, teams will receive ½ win, ½ loss. (This is to avoid delay in team finishing its game and traveling to new game site.).

In playoffs, a game tied after 7 innings OR after 2:10 (whichever comes first) will be broken by “international tie breaker” rule until there is a winner.

“International tie breaker”: visiting team puts player who made the last recorded out of previous inning on second base, no outs, team attempts to score as many as possible. After 3 outs, home team bats under same circumstances.

Championship game that is tied will be finished under MLB rules.

5) All games shall be governed by American League MLB rules, allowing for a DH for the
pitcher if team designates prior to game. If DH is pinch-hit or pinch-run for, the pinch-hitter (runner) becomes the DH. If the pitcher hits or runs for him self, the role of the DH is lost for the remainder of the game.

a. Collision Rule: When there is a collision between a runner and a fielder who clearly is in possession of the ball, the umpire shall judge: (1) whether the collision by the runner was avoidable (could the runner have reached the base without colliding?) or unavoidable (the runner’s path to the base was blocked) and (2) whether the runner was attempting to reach the base/plate or was attempting to dislodge the ball from the fielder. Penalty: If the runner (a) could have avoided the collision and reached the base, or (b) attempted to dislodge the ball, the runner shall be declared out. The ball is dead and all other base runners shall return to the last base touched at the time of the collision.
If the umpire deems that the collision was “malicious” (intent to injure or willful disregard for the fielder’s safety), the runner shall be ejected.

  1. Runners must slide DIRECTLY into a base and cannot slide through a base to initiate contact with a fielder.
    c. Courtesy runner for pitcher and/or catcher of record, at team’s option, at any time. Runner shall be any player not currently in the game.
    d. Any starter may leave the game and re-enter ONCE, in the same batting position in which he started.. A substitute, once removed, cannot re-enter, except as a courtesy runner.
    e. A pitcher, once removed from his position as pitcher, may not pitch again in the same game.
    f. Intentional walks: Defensive team notifies plate umpire of desire to walk batter. Time is called, batter awarded first base.
    g. A team shall have the option to use an EH (extra hitter), who can bat anywhere in the lineup and can enter the game to play defense in place of any other defensive player on the field. Entry by the EH is not considered a time out of the game for the player he replaces.

7) Any player, manager, coach, spectator, or other team personnel who is ejected shall leave
the vicinity of the playing field immediately, to be determined by the umpires. The tournament director reserves the right to impose additional penalties based on the particular conduct involved. IMPORTANT: “Bench-jockeying”, taunting, and negative comments directed towards opposing team members is not acceptable. Summer Series is a “ZERO TOLERANCE” event. Managers are responsible for the conduct of their players, coaches, and fans.

8) PLAYOFFS: All teams are entered into the playoffs which begin on Tuesday. Seeding for playoffs will be determined by standings in pool play and will be announced Sunday evening by email, website posting, and phone. Tie-breaker formula for seedings:
1) head-to-head competition if only two teams have identical record; 2) fewest runs allowed in pool play; 3) run differential; 4) coin toss
Time limit is in effect for all games except championship game. Mercy rule will be in effect for all games. Home team in ALL playoff games shall be the higher-seeded team.