In 2002, 8 teams from California, Oregon, and Washington assembled in San Diego for the first tournament. Based on the states involved the tournament was named the West Coast Summer Series.

In 2008, the founder of the tournament, Phil Singer, passed away. As a tribute to him, the tournament, which had grown to 24 teams, was renamed to the Phil Singer Summer Series. In the last 10 years the tournament has not only grown to 32 teams but the caliber of teams involved have contributed to this tournament being the summer event of the year for the most elite talent in the 18U arena.

With that direction in mind the tournament is now called the Eirc Tryon Invitational. Even though year after year, the tournament is fully booked many months in advance, we have decided to continue to limit the number of entries to the best 24 teams the nation has to offer. This will keep the 'elite' status of the tournament name intact.




A.J. Mohre, Chris Estopier, Tony Spears, Kyle Hooper, Cole Budvarson, Chase Johnson, Jesus Zavala, Ernesto Zavala, John Trammer, Lance McFeely, Luis Sanchez


Triple Play Hornets

Summer 2009 Co-Champions


Emmett Ackeriund, William Chavarria, Jacob Landeis, Matt Wargacki, Mitch Davidoff, Brian Carr,, Michael Fulwiler, Gabriel Gutierrez, Jeremy Cooper, Kyle Wiest, Chris McElderny, Damon Porter, Ian Texidor, Sky Kelley, Nic Cuckovich, Kevin Hedglin, Jason Gibson, Tyler Conklin, Corwin Patis, Colter Peterson, Matt Patrick, Coaches: Coach Parker, Coach Heaton, Uncle Fred Manager: Jerry Hardin